Crowdfund Clicks Review - Kickstarter Marketing is a performance marketing agency focused on raising funds for crowdfunders on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Crowdfund Clicks has a reputation of getting results for their clients using all the latest social media marketing techniques. If you have a crowdfunding project then you need proper promotions and social media exposure to get it funded. Visit, CrowdfundClicks for more information.

Crowdfund Clicks reviews your project and finds a suitable agreement to split a percentage of the funds they help raise. It’s a great way to get quality crowdfund marketing behind your project without spending thousands of dollars up front. Crowdfund Clicks only makes money when you do from the percentage of the funds raised through their marketing efforts.

How does Crowdfund Clicks get your more backers? They use targeted Facebook promotions and social media marketing to drive more supporters straight back to your crowdfunding page. If your project is slowing down or not getting the right amount of support you need to get funded then you need to reach more people. makes it easy for you to get professional marketing started right away to bring in more results.

The best part of the CrowdfundClicks marketing service is that they deliver top notch marketing for your startup at a fraction of the price that traditional marketing agencies charge. CrowdfundClicks also understands crowdfunding and the key differences between different types of crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Every crowdfunding campaign is different, that’s why you need someone with experience across all major crowdfunding platforms to get you the best outcome.

Crowdfund Clicks is the partner that you need to successfully navigate the world of crowdfunding Their marketing team is in it with you. You can crowdfund your project together with Crowdfund Clicks and have a win win agreement to share the handsome profits. Not all projects will qualify though. You must have enough time left on your project and funding goal that you think could be hit if you had the right help. Learn more by visiting